Casts and Feet Models is a project to create custom photo and video shoots focused on (duh!) casts and feet.

Who are the models?

All of our models are amateur or professional models who are 18+. If you would like to become a model in one of our shoots, please contact us to find out how.

Why are we selling the full sets?

In order to pay the models for their services and buy new materials, we are selling the full sets. If you would like to donate to make a set free to the public or sponsor a shoot of your own design, we are trying to be flexible with how people can support this project and keep it going.

How do you get your files?

After you make your purchase (which is processed through PayPal) you will receive an e-mail containing a secure link to a downloadable .zip file. If you have any problems along the way, just contact us.

We also have a store on Images4Sale.